Publication: Tales of the Quest

Tales of the Quest is now available in print! Tales is a compilation of previously published and new stories bound together by an overarching discussion of THE QUEST:

How do quests work? What types of tasks can prince (and princesses) expect? Are quests successful? Do the participants always find true love? Why are they and the questees so fascinating? 

The blurb:
Ah, the Quest! The sight of noble knights setting forth on heroic tasks to win the hand of the fair princess stirs any heart. Here are the medieval heroes who once donned clanking suits of armor to fence, joust, and battle fire-breathing dragons for honor and acclaim.

That is, until the tasks got too messy, too inconvenient, too strange. And the armor way too heavy. To be sure, talent and determination still count. But the Quest just as often becomes a tool of trade and diplomacy, with fortunes and royal reputations weighing in the balance.

Immerse yourself in chronicles of desperate princes, strong-willed princesses, and romantic beasts. This fourth installment in the Roesia series pulls together new and previously published stories of questing daring-do updated for the modern age.

Amidst all the politics and game playing, can true love still triumph? Therein lies quite the tale.
This is the fourth Roesia novella and a few characters from previous novellas do make an appearance.

As always, mucho mucho thanks to Eugene for editing Tales and making suggestions--particularly about the "in-between bits"--that substantially improved it. Every recent novella is my favorite; in this case, I also had a ton of fun.