Roesia Chronicles: Notes

First Cover--Designed by Eugene
Photo: Kezia Moore
The Roesia Chronicles are based around a created world filled with magicians, transformations, quests, and politicians. I came to the Roesia Chronicles after writing my tributes to Jane Austen and Samuel Richardson. Consequently, the Roesia Chronicles are heavily influenced by the customs, clothes, and architecture of England in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. All Roesia novellas fall into the same time period with the exception of Roesia 4 (coming soon!) which goes back a little further in time.
When I published Aubrey: Remnants in Transformation (Roesia 1), I posted notes about the writing process. I do not claim to be a perfect writer. I am a reasonably skilled craftswoman, that's all. But I find the writing process absolutely fascinating! How does one solve a writing problem?

Some of these notes also include information about the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, especially since I use relevant photos and portraits to illustrate each post.

Second Cover--Designed by Eugene
As with the Jane Austen and Pamela notes, I have attached links to each topic below.